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All new and used cars, trucks, vans, and SUV's are ready for immediate delivery regardless of bad credit.

All vehicles have warranty or are eligible for an extended warranty ask a finance specialist for more details on warranty packages.

Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposal and Debt Management Programs welcome.

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Welcome to Kitchener Car Loans - The Auto Loan & Truck Loan Experts in Ontario Canada - Get Pre-Approved Today!

This Canadian Kitchener Car Loan site was created for Ontario residents who want or need a used car, new car, truck or SUV and have less than perfect credit. We make the process of buying a new car, used car or truck incredibly easy. First we get you pre-approved for an auto loan at the lowest interest rate possible regardless of any previous bad credit issues you may have. We then inform you of the amount of money you are approved for. You decide on which vehicle you want - new or used - that matches your loan approval amount. You pick up the vehicle at one of our partner dealerships or they deliver it directly to your home or office. It's that easy!!

Our car loan financing will assist you in the process of rebuilding your credit and improving your credit report while you drive. Our program pre-approves you for a lease or auto loan - taking all the stress out of shopping for a vehicle!

We specialize in helping people with:

  Bad Credit

  Get Paid in Cash

  No Credit

  Repossession History


  Prior Poor Credit

  Consumer Proposal



  New Immigrant

And almost any credit situation you can think of.

After you fill out our quick pre-approval form, within 24 business hours, one of our Financial Agents will contact you with the results of the pre-approval. Once you qualify for a car loan, we will work with you to find the perfect vehicle to suit your needs. If you have no down payment, no problem...most of the time we can get you approved with No Money Down.

Kitchener Car Loans are provided by: BMO Bank of Montreal, RBC Royal Bank, Scotia Bank, SDA Scotia Dealer Advantage, CIBC, TD CanadaTrust, VFC, Rifco, Carfinco, HSBC, Wells Fargo, Prudent Financial, General Bank of Canada, Credit Unions, Manufacturer Financing including Zero Percent, Leasing Companies, and many more...

If you live outside of Ontario, our national partner site services all provinces and cities across Canada.




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